Our Story


March 2011
Downtown D’Lites Frozen Yogurt Bar and Café was opened by Larie Hurton and her father, Gary Beasley. They and their families worked long and hard to decorate and furnish this charming little restaurant with a downtown theme. They secured the frozen dessert machines, remodeling the building from its former layout as Nanny Goats’ restaurant to accommodate them. The original plan to sell frozen yogurt as the main menu offering and just have to-go salads and wraps soon developed into a regular lunch menu served right in the dining room.

January 2012
After almost a year of enjoying the business, Larie realized that during this season of life, she wanted to spend more time at home with her growing family. She and her dad decided to sell Downtown D’Lites. The VanDorens were friends from the same church and had enjoyed their visits for frozen yogurt at D’Lites. But it was a surprise to Debbie when one day Alan suggested that they buy the business!

February 2012
After a month of working with the Hurton/Beasley families to learn the ropes, the VanDoren family took over the ownership of Downtown D’Lites. Debbie has always enjoyed cooking for large groups of people, and the VanDoren family has taken joy in having many people in their home for meals. Now they can combine their love of people and their joy in preparing good food as they work together to serve the delightful customers of Downtown D’Lites!

April 2016
Currently Debbie, and Alan and Debbie’s youngest son, Bucky, are the only two VanDorens working onsite! Moves, marriages, and having babies have drawn Bucky’s older siblings in other directions. Yet we have a wonderful staff of caring, friendly, and hard working young people who have become our “D’Liteful” family here. We are thankful for the great people God has brought across our path, to serve each of you who come our way!